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The Crossed Paths Vintage Complete Restoration™

  • First and foremost all functions and inputs of your unit will work properly once it has gone through the Crossed Paths Vintage Complete Restoration.
  • The unit will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out as well as the internal controls will be professionally cleaned and properly lubricated to ensure excellent performance. All potentiometers will be professionally cleaned and lubricated as well.
  • ALL capacitors, transistors, diodes and resistors will be verified to be in spec. ALL electrolytic capacitors will be replaced other than the tuner and filter caps which will be evaluated and only replaced if out of spec. We can preemptively change those as well as an option.
  • Any other out of tolerance parts will be replaced. ALL known problematic transistors and diodes will be replaced. The phono and preamp sections are usually prone to this with noisy transistors and diodes.
  • We use a stricter 5% tolerance when checking all parts to ensure a long future for your newly restored vintage receiver. Most specifications allow for a +- 20% discrepancy and we use +- 5%.
  • ALL solder joints will be checked for cold joints on every board under magnification and reflowed where necessary including the lamp connections and other high heat areas that notoriously fail if not maintained and serviced.
  • We use Nichicon High Temp Electrolytic Capacitors (UPW, UKL, etc), Nichicon Muse Capacitors, Elna Silmic II Capacitors, Panasonic Electrolytic and Film Capacitors, WIMA Stacked Film Capacitors as well as Zetex, OnSemi and Fairchild semiconductors and Xicon 1% metal film resistors when needed. Bourns Multi-Turn and Sealed Variable Resistors (Potentiometers) are used for critical amp adjustment points as needed. Omron Audio Grade Relays are used in protection circuits when needed. Most consider these the best choices for vintage restorations and we always upgrade the voltage and temperature minimums on capacitors when appropriate to provide even longer service than the originals.
  • Our extra attention to detail includes meticulously cleaning all of the knobs, switches, faceplate, dial glass, case cover, bottom cover, internal chassis and rear connections where they are completely detailed, deep polished and ultrasonically cleaned where appropriate. This cleaning process alone takes 3 to 4 hours with the complete dismantling of the unit.
  • All of the bulbs will be serviced while the unit is on the bench including all of the tuning dial and dial indicator, the meters, the source selection indicators and stereo lamps. The unit will look factory fresh original when complete. Our preference is to use the correct original style lamps and indicators to maintain the original look but if you prefer the look of LED lamps or want a certain color we can definitely accommodate that at no additional cost. The illumination lighting will look fabulous. Let us know upon purchase if you want LEDs.
  • All service manual calibrations will be performed throughout the unit ensuring that all factory specifications are met.
  • All inputs and outputs will work as they should.
  • Both AM and FM tuners will be peaked and aligned and will track with accurate needle precision properly from one end of the dial to the other if the units includes a tuner.
  • With this restoration your unit will be ready for many years to come and we back that up with the included Full One Year Warranty that covers parts and labor as well as the return shipping to you. You are only responsible for the shipping to get the unit to us if it needed servicing. Additional shipment details are below for our restoration process.
  • Included with your restored unit will be a report specific to your unit including the final bench test results details after the burn in and complete calibration.
  • All restorations will receive a real life, 3-day burn in and usage to help guarantee optimal long-term, quality performance.
  • We strive for complete transparency and will let you know the day your unit arrives, where it is in the queue, when it gets on the bench, when it is completed and when the burn in is finished. Finally, we ship with FedEx Ground/Home and provide a tracking number so that you can watch it in route to you every step of the way. You are always welcome to call with any questions as well. We are located in the DFW metroplex (Burleson) in Texas. Local drop offs to our shop by appointment only are always welcome.
  • If your unit is currently in non-working order please contact us to discuss the details of the condition. While 95% of the units we see are straightforward restorations some units are beyond restoration and we want to avoid unnecessary shipments back and forth. We should easily be able to give you guidance in that regards if it is questionable. Most all units are restorable, but units missing parts or that have boards heavily damaged or burned that need to be replaced could require additional parts costs. Previous amateur repairs can also be problematic but usually those can be overcome. It’s imperative to select a company for your restoration that has extensive knowledge of these units and that has the know how to overcome the most complex problems. At Crossed Paths Vintage we work hard to make that happen!
  • We will provide detailed packing instructions for you upon purchase of this restoration service to make the shipment of your unit to us as easy as possible. The shipment cost we charge covers the return shipping and packaging supplies.
  • At Crossed Paths Vintage we will professionally pack your unit in house for the return shipment as we are experts in shipping electronics such as these. We properly secure your shipment and get it to you like it left us. Your unit will ship in a new, heavy duty, 275 lb burst tested, double wall corrugated cardboard box with heavy and appropriate protection to ensure safe delivery. We take pride in our packing abilities and this will be evident from the moment your package arrives. Full insurance is included as well to protect both of our interests.

Feel free to contact us about your restoration project or if you are looking for any specific audio item. We maintain a vast “boneyard” of gear in waiting for future restoration and sale. We can be commissioned to restore any of these units from this inventory and we are happy to discuss this with you.


They say you should know your angles, but the Marantz 6200 looks great from any! This turntable was restored by Crossed Paths Vintage. Huge shout-out to them for the great work!
Marantz America in 2018

Marantz 6200

Just welcomed home a completely serviced ST-2080 (new caps, alignment, calibrated, solder joints, bulbs, deep polished, etc.) from Crossed Paths Vintage in TX – they did an absolutely beautiful job. Sounds incredible, warm & rich, and the original front panel design & lighting (no LEDs) is gorgeous. Nice deep bass & crisp highs, which my JBL J216s bring out beautifully. To my ear, they’re a perfect match for the 83wpc of the Realistic. Great presence and depth even at relatively low volume levels. The STA’s phono stage has a very quiet overall noise floor. Lastly, the tuner section is topnotch with excellent AM/FM selection sensitivity and stereo separation. The crown jewel of my little system will always be the outstanding STA-2080.
Rick S.

Realistic STA-2080

Greer, SC